About us

MALTEK JR s.r.o. company is a Czech firm making business on domestic and European market with focus on special bags, coatings, custom production and other sewed products.​​​​​​​

Machine features

In the last year, the stage of complete upgrade and change of sewing machines was finished. Currently, we work on JUKI Japan machines and Durkopp-Adler German machines. An automatic separator is used for quality and accurate cutting of straps and Velcro. Cutting presses are used for serial shape cuttings. Presses for assembling of small fittings and riveting automatic machine belong to the equipment as well.

Company history

MALTEK JR s.r.o. company is making business since the year 2006. It was established by transformation of the original JOSEF MALINA - MALTEK company, which history is dated from the year 1990. In December 2000, the production was moved to newly built shops corresponding to current standards.

A lot of time lapsed from the foundation. In present time, the manufacturing programme is focused especially on products wheelchairs, scenic equipment, custom and co-operation production.

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