Selection from basic materials we use in production.​​​​​​​

Natural or genuine leather

is a material of animal origin. Especially pig, ox or other hides are concerned, processed in tanneries to the form requested according to kind of use. Surface treatments provide inexhaustible amount of colours, designs and thickness.

Leather is used in shoemaker, haberdashery and garment industry, as well as for production of personal protective equipment. Products from these materials are pleasant at touch, they present image of the owner and at proper care and treatment they serve for a long time to their user.

Synthetic leather

called also as artificial leather, imitation leather or eco-leather, is a material produced from synthetic materials in combination with fabric, which can be produced not only from artificial fibres, but also on the base of natural materials. It usually consists of two layers, the bottom - fabric one makes a basis, on which the upper PVC or PUR layer is applied.

Proper design and feature is achieved by treatment of the upper layer surface. These synthetic materials are used especially in shoemaker, boot and garment industry. Only materials certified for non-flammability and biocompatibility are used for production of special products. They are very popular for their low requirements for maintenance.

Polyester fabrics

Fabrics from polyester fibres make the basis. In most cases, it is painted on the opposite side. Such treated fabric is a waterproof one and due to its versatility it is universally used especially at production of knapsacks, sport bags, bags, schoolbags and different cases.

Polyester fabrics are very widespread for their low requirements for treatment.

Cloths - car cloths

Core of material is made of polyester fabric, on which a special PVC layer is applied from both sides, which is additionally treated, e.g. by painting, which sufficiently reduces pollution of the surface.

This material is used especially for car cloths, mobile houses, party tents and penthouses. For its excellent strength properties and resistively, it found usage also in many other applications. Clothes are connected by welding, sticking and sewing and they do not require any special care.

FOAMS - fillings

We use several kinds of polyurethane foams called as "molitan". According to kind of use in the product, we select different thickness, masses and compressibility. Only materials certified for non-flammability and biocompatibility are used for production of special products.

Foam polyethylene is used also for production, at which a shape must be maintained. It is stiffer and this it can easily protect against impact.

Backed or laminated foams  

are combinations of fabric and polyurethane foam layers, when the fabric is applied on foam with help of flame. A compact product is produced used especially for internal padding.

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