Customer and small-lot prod.

Do you want something special? We will try to fulfil your needs.

Scope of production can be split into two main directions:

  • Customer production, which is currently the main production program.
  • Products from the range of leather haberdashery. We produce briefcases, cases for documents, A4 folders, handbags, shopping bags and key-bags for everyday use.

As an example, we show several cases of customer production.

  • Padding of wheelchairs - Seats - Backrests - Chest rests, Tibial rests, Armrests, Calf rests, etc. Attachment and fixating straps - Additional padding
  • Special bags and satchels for post offices - High strength and resistant sacks - Sacks on bicycles for postmen and post women - Boxes on carts - Cases for cash - Special bags with closures
  • Bags for environmental emergency sets - serving for placing of set of aids for liquidation of local and small oil accidents, internal padding of industrial aluminium cases
  • Sets for padding of different aluminium cases
  • Sets of tool-boxes for placing of tools
  • Sets for placing of documents
  • Fabric covers and accessory of electrical jacks for theatre and scenic equipment
  • Cases for wind music instruments
  • We provide service of cases for a leading Czech manufacturer of brass wind instruments
  • Casings and cases for measuring instruments
  • We produce so called soft cases, which are produced from polyester fabric and PUR foam protecting instruments against vibrations
  • Hard casings are of cases character, with internal padding with felt
  • Production of special harnesses for designation of dogs - canisterapy, etc.
  • Folds - maps - A4, A5. We process semi products of a leading manufacturer of office supplies to final status
  • Cloths for metal palettes for logistics of component of automotive industry - we deliver covering external cloths and internal structuring according to requirements and for a manufacturer of metal palettes
  • Special coverage cloths for invertors for solar-energy power stations. At some products, metal parts or details are necessary. In such cases, we co-operate with next companies to be able to deliver a complete product in its final version. A customer has no problems with deliveries of single components then. (Also for provision of complex service in case that metal parts or details are included in the product.)

Creativeness of our team is proven also by cooperation with Slovak Theatre in Uherské Hradiště, for which we produce requisites according to designers wish.

If you have not found the proper product you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of skilled professionals will consult production possibilities with you.

We often meet with customers having an idea about feature of the final product.

Our company realizes these ideas for the customer satisfaction. You can find our products on the ground, in the air, but also under water.

Do you have any questions?